We are 100% grass-fed.

Our cattle herd has a French Limousin bloodline. We chose Limousin for their heavy musculature, maternal instincts, easy calving, and their beautiful rouge colour. In efforts to produce the best beef on pasture, we cross our Limousin cows with a shorter stature Red-Angus bull to maximize grass conversion efficiency. In other words, turn the grass into the best beef. We hope the genetic cross will continue to make an ideal grass-fed cattle herd and ultimately the best dining experience for you.

As of May 2012, we maintain a closed herd. We do not introduce outside cattle into our herd. This prevents unwanted viruses from effecting our cows and causing problems. We currently have 10 head of cattle consisting of cows, calves, finishing beef, and two dairy Jersey cows. Our goal is for all our cattle to be born and raised on the farm.

We graze our cattle on fields of alfalfa, orchard grass, clover and timothy. We practice rotational grazing which allows the cows the best forage, naturally fertilize the pasture, and then we move the herd to let the pasture rest and grow. This benefits our cattle and our fields.

Our beef is harvesting in the late fall and processed locally at a family owned facility in Waynesville, Ohio. The beef is available as custom butchered only and not by the cut.

Always exceptionally tender and full-flavored.