Chicken Layer (16%)


Complete feed for laying chickens.

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Complete feed for laying chickens. This feed is loaded with more whole grains and seeds: including oats, milo, field peas, and sunflower seeds. Check out our Chicken Layer, Premium if you’d like a feed with flax seeds added. This feed includes a high quality organic-approved vitamin/mineral/probiotic mix as well as all the extra calcium laying chickens need. No need to provide free-choice calcium. Available in 50 lb bags. If purchasing 40 bags or more, please contact Jason at 513-378-3438 as a discount may apply to your order.

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Most of the feed we sell is ground fresh upon order. Please allow up to 1-week to fulfill your order. We cannot provide delivery at this time, on-site pickup only. We can also make most any custom mix if you have you have a special recipe you’d like us to grind and mix. Contact Jason at 513-378-3438 or at to get a price quote.

Our feed is made using non-GMO ingredients where possible (see our non-GMO statement here). No hormones or antibiotics are ever added to the feed. Prices subject to changed without notice based on fluctuations in the grain market.

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Weight 50 lbs
Crude Protein

not less than 16%


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