We love our pigs!

2013_Pigs_no-mark   Using Joel Salatin’s pigerator method, the pigs convert the winter hay shed’s deep bedded straw into composted, highly biodynamic fertilizer for our fields while they romp, wallow, and snooze. The pigs come to us at about 40 pounds and we finish them to about 250 pounds. They get plenty of filtered water to drink, and we slop them with garden vegetables, and their daily ration of feed consisting of locally sourced corn, oats, sunflower seeds, soybean meal, and peas along with natural minerals and vitamins.  Our animals are never medicated unless absolutely necessary to maintain health. We harvest them in late October and have them processed locally at a family owned facility in Waynesville, Ohio. The sausage is made using simple ingredients and contains no chemical additives. The pork is available as custom butchered only (not available by the cut).

Fresh, tender, and delicious…just how we like it!