We know how important it is to eat healthy.

That is why we started Sunnyrock Farm so we can provide the highest quality meat for our family and yours.

100% Grass-Fed Beef is good for you.

  • It has fewer calories than conventionally raised beef.
  • It includes antioxidants, vitamins, and beneficial fats.
  • It helps support healthy blood sugar levels.
  • It contains about 50% more omega-3 fatty acids than standard beef.

Source: Health Magazine

Grass-fed beef is naturally leaner when compared to grain-fed beef. Grass is much lower in calories than grain. As a result, the beef from grain-based diet tends to be fattier. If you are wanting to stay lean and trim, why not make grass-fed beef a part of your diet?

100% Grass-Fed Beef is sustainable.

We have a small herd of Angus cross cows who graze on fields of alfalfa, orchard grass, clover, and timothy.   Every spring, new calves are born and kept with their mother until they are weaned at six months old.  To benefit the health of our herd, we have a closed herd.  This means that all our cows are born and raised on the farm and no new cattle are introduced from offsite locations.  This eliminates the introduction of disease and reduces the need for medication. A closed herd also allows us to select the best genetics for the best beef for your table.

We practice rotational grazing which gives the cows the best forage, naturally fertilize the pasture, and then we move the herd to let the pasture rest and grow. This benefits our cattle and our fields.

Always exceptionally tender and full-flavored.

Our beef is harvesting in the late fall and processed locally at a family owned facility in Xenia, Ohio. The beef is available as custom butchered only and not by the cut.