Things begin to pickup in April. Typically, it’s moving around hay, switching pastures, and pulling hoses. We just finished a remodel of the chicken coop but it’s not HGTV worthy to show the before and after. Nevertheless, change is good on the farm when it makes work easier.

The Fields

Do you know when the grass starts growing? When the ground temperature reaches 55° to 65°F, the roots begin absorbing moisture and ground nutrients. When air temperature maintains 60° to 75°F, the grass begins to grow. Needless to say, April is kind of a crazy month for grass growth.

The fields are green but not tall enough for grazing. We hold the cows off the best pasture until the ground is not as soggy and the grass is taller as it prevents trampling and overgrazing. We will need as much grass as we can get this year because calves dropping in May.

The Animals

Our mama cows have very full bellies. All but one cow will calve in May. Stay posted on Facebook and Instagram for baby photos.

We also added 28 baby pullets to our chicken flock. Pullet is farmerese for females chickens that are not yet laying eggs. Once they lay eggs, they are promoted as hens. The chicks are mixed breeds that will lay a variety of colored eggs from green to chocolate and every tan imaginable in between.

Start Your Day with Eggs

We are offering farm fresh eggs from our girls this year. The hens spend their days outside enjoying the sunshine, hunting tasty bugs, and nibbling at fresh greens; All things that make for a nutritious egg.

Start your day right with eggs from Sunnyrock Farm! Call or text Kim at 513-379-1778 to arrange a pickup. We will have the eggs ready for you anytime of the day in our front porch cooler.

Thank you!

We appreciate all your support and encouragement throughout the years. Watch out for the next Field Notes coming in May 2022!

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