Dramatic sunset with silhouette of an oak tree and barn.

We love fall. We married in the fall and all our children are fall babies. It truly is our favorite season. But on the farm, the sun is setting on our busy season. Everything is done. The cows are expected to calve in the Spring. The fields are mowed. The garden is almost all torn down. And we are ready to hibernate…just a little.

Thank you!

The Old Barn never looked so good.

We graciously thank all of our followers for making this year a success. We sold out of freezer beef within a month of offering it and we know it wouldn’t have happened without word of mouth from our followers. Many many thanks. Our customers are awesome and we love to see repeat customers. We can’t thank you enough for trusting us to provide healthy beef for your family. It is truly a honor to serve you.

What’s Next?

As we wrap up the year, we prepare the winter hay shed by cleaning and reconfiguring the hay bunk. This year we bought a round baler. However, our hay delivery system, aka hay bunk, is set up for square bales. So, we get to take a field trip to an agriculture store in Delaware, Ohio, to buy hay gates and then Jason gets busy using the sawzall. I’ll be sure to post pictures on Facebook and Instagram of the transformation.

We will also wean the calves from their mothers. That is always a fun time of sleepless nights of cows bawling for their calves until they are hoarse. Kidding aside, the calves will be on the other side of the gate so there really is not psychological trauma…only drama. Within a couple days, everyone will get use to the new family dynamics and again there will be peace on the farm.

See you in April 2022!

The Field Notes will pick up again in April 2022. In the meantime, I will post some of our favorite recipes on the website and keep in touch with you all on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy holidays and hibernation!!!

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