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    2024 Grass-Fed Beef 
    $4.75/lb. hanging weight + processing


    How does the order process work?

    Once the steer is of age, we will deliver it for butchering and processing.  We will notify you of the butcher date prior to delivery via email or phone.   We determine the price of the steer based on hanging weight from the butcher.  Next, you will need to contact the butcher and let them know how you would like your meat processed and cut. They will call you when it is ready for pickup.

    Let’s review the steps:

    Step 1:  Reserve the amount of freezer beef (quarter or half) that you would like to purchase by placing a deposit.

    Step 2:  We will confirm your reservation.

    Step 3:  We will notify you 1-2 weeks prior to the butcher date via email or phone call. 

    Step 4:  We will deliver the steer to the butcher.

    Step 5:  You will call New Town Butchery to get the hanging weight and let them know how you want the meat to be cut. The hanging weight will determine the total amount due. During this time, they can answer your questions and help you determine the best way to have your meat cut.

    Step 6:  New Town will call you when your beef is ready for pickup.

    Your payments are due when you pick up the processed meat.  Two payments will be made.

    Payment 1:  One payment to Sunnyrock Farm for the steer.  We will email you an invoice with a link to make an electronic payment or you can send us cash or check.

    Payment 2:  One check to New Town Butchery for the processing.  Cash or check only.

    What is hanging weight?

    Hanging weight is also known as “on the rail”.  This term refers to the weight of the animal as it hangs in the butcher’s cooler once the head, hide, feet, organs and blood are removed. If you think of any movie with a butcher shop scene and there are sides of beef hanging from hooks on the ceiling, that is what “on the rail” means. Most butchers base the processing fees on the hanging weight, it is the most widely used measurement by farmers. Price quotes will frequently say something like “$3.50/lb hanging weight (paid to farmer) plus cut and wrap (paid to butcher)”.   Typically, hanging weight for a steer can be between 400-600 pounds.  

    Who is your butcher and how much is processing?

    We currently use the following meat processor for beef and pork. 

    New Town Butchery
    112 Brush Row Road
    Xenia, Ohio 

    Tel: 937-347-3488

    For updated fees and hours follow them on Facebook.



    Do you have more questions?

    Please feel free to contact us directly with questions.  Additionally, you can LEARN MORE for more information.

    Are you ready to Order?

    Below you can easily order a half or quarter beef directly from our farm.  Follow the prompts to place a deposit and we will contact you with more information. 

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