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QUARTER BEEF SHARES – A $100 deposit is required to reserve your share.  Your deposit will be applied to your final balance due.  You will receive an email from us once your deposit has been processed, confirming your order and further instructions.

QUARTER BEEF SHARES are $4.75 per pound, based on the hanging weight, plus processing.

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QUARTER BEEF SHARES are a great value, giving you all the beef standard cuts like steaks, roasts and hamburger, while also giving you some flexibility on your cut options.  It is also a good fit if you have limited freezer space.

You will contact our processor, who will walk you through all your options for processing your order. Hanging weights typically range from 125 to 160 pounds for quarters, but can be a bigger or smaller, depending on the animal. The finished package weight will depend on your cutting instructions. For example, requesting all the roasts to be ground for burger or asking for all cuts to be boneless, will result in a smaller finished weight due to more trim and bone loss. If using our processors standard cutting instructions, you can expect to receive approximately 60% of the hanging weight as packaged weight.

QUARTER BEEF SHARES are $4.75 per pound, based on the hanging weight, plus processing. 

  • Processing date is May 7, 2024.
  • Average total cost for the Quarter Beef Share is $594 – $760 plus processing.  
  • A $100 deposit is required to reserve a Quarter Beef Share. If you need to cancel or change your order, the deposit is refundable until March 1, 2024, at which time it will become non-refundable unless another buyer can be found to take your share.
  • We will contact you 1-2 days after the beef is taken in for processing to provide hanging weight and other information.
  • We will send you an invoice for the balance which must be paid within 15 days unless other arrangements are made in advance.
  • You will be responsible for paying the Processor, New Town Butchery, for their services when you pick up the beef.  Processing is $1 per hanging weight plus $32 for the kill fee (processing prices as of October 1, 2023).  Visit New Town Butchery on Facebook for updated prices and information.
  • You will need to pick up your beef at the Processor or arrange delivery with them.


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