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Always exceptionally tender and full-flavored.

Sunnyrock Farm is proud to offer grass-fed beef.  Our beef cattle receive no grain.  Our beef is harvested in the late fall or early spring and processed locally at a family owned facility in Waynesville, Ohio.  The beef is available as custom butchered only (not available for sale by the cut). Beef is sold by the Quarter, Half or Whole $3.50 per lb (based on hanging weight) plus processing.  An average-sized beef will have a hanging weight of 125-160 lbs per Quarter and result in about 70-90 lbs of meat to put in your freezer. The cost for an average Quarter Beef will be $440 to $560 (paid to Sunnyrock Farm).  Processing cost is additional and will be about $80 to $120 (paid to processor). Check out the Cattle Page and our FAQ on the website for more information.

DEPOSIT: Secure your 1/4 freezer beef order by purchasing this pre-order deposit of $100 per quarter beef.

If you need to cancel or change your order, deposit is refundable until October  31, 2019 at which time it will become non-refundable unless another buyer can be found to take your reservation. Final cost will be calculated after the beef is taken in for processing and will be based on the hanging weight provided by the processor. Your deposit will be applied to your total price and we will send you an invoice for the balance which must be paid within 15 days unless other arrangements are made in advance. We will contact you 1-2 days after the beef is taken in for processing to provide hanging weight and other information. Delivery not available… you will need to pick up your beef at the Processor.

Average Hanging Weights for Budgeting Purposes:

Approx. 125-160 lbs per Quarter ($438-$560 plus processing)
Approx. 250-320 lbs per Half ($875-$1,120 plus processing)


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