September already?

Yep. The children are back in school and daylight gets shorter and shorter while we secretly look forward to flannels, bonfires, and hot chocolate.

September is all about planning for next year with breeding, soil amendments, and seed sowing. So let’s jump in.

The Field

The cows are on their last pasture to wrap up the grazing year. They will be there until the end of November when we supplement the grass with hay. In the meantime, the winter hay shed will be cleaned out and spread on the back field. This will add much needed fertilizer to improve grass quality. It’s all one big continuous beneficial cycle. Grass feeds cows and cows, in return, feed the grass. It’s a beautiful thing.

The Animals

The pigs left mid-August and gave us almost 100 pounds of sausage. Happy day! Because, life without sausage, is just sad.


It took all five of us and over 20 hours to cut and wrap pork chops, should roasts, ribs, sausage, and make scrapple. Jason is currently curing two 25 pound hams and four bellies for bacon. Subscribe to our Youtube channel and ring the bell for our latest videos about the process.

Somehow we ended up with 42 chickens. These little game hens are broody mothers. We will announce when we will start selling eggs. In the meantime, we are taking orders for day old chicks that are hatched in the incubator. If you want day old chicks, contact us. This is a money making project for our seventh graders. We love their entrepreneurial spirit!

Freezer Beef

We are happy to offer FREEZER BEEF for a processing day of October 8, 2021. Please visit our online store to reserve your beef with a minimal deposit.

Our other processing date is May 11, 2022. Prices are $3.50 a pound hanging weight plus processing costs. To learn more about the process of buying beef from us, view our FAQ, and store. Or, you can give me a call at (513) 379-1778.

The Garden

Where do I start with the vegetable garden? In brief…a complete disappointment.

All the effort and soil amendment was for a pathetic, almost nonexistent harvest.

What can I say? I am no match for pest this year. My new nemesis is the Cucumber Beetle. Let’s just say I have to get busy researching insects and how to best deal with them as organically as I can. Know thy enemy, right?

Anyone else have pest problems?

But the flowers are amazing this year. Be sure to follow along with us on Instagram to see all the blooms in their full glory. I have found that photography seems to be a new creative outlet for a few of us, so enjoy the photos.

Maybe next year we just grow garlic, green beans, kale, and cutting flowers. Hmm…. That will show those bugs who’s boss.

Monthly Favorite Tool

I just had to continue with the big hay rake reveal!

Update on Hay Rake

Everyone has been asking about the antique hay rake restoration from the August Field Notes. The Grand Reveal will be on Youtube soon.


Isn’t it fantastic!

This Month

Thanks again for following along with us! We enjoy interacting with you on Facebook and Instagram and are making many friends along the way.

What can you expect to see this month…

  • Dutch Oven Chuck Roast
  • Scalloped Tomatoes
  • Sautéed Zucchini with Garlic
  • And much more.

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