COVID has made it very apparent that connecting with people is so important to our mental health. When you live in the country, you really can go weeks without seeing other people or leaving home. So, with that information, we have launched a blog to keep you, our loyal subscriber, updated.

What exactly do you do at Sunnyrock Farm?

Great question!

In 2020, we decided to switch back to a cow-calf model which means starting our herd all over again. Now, we have nine heifers who will be bred in Fall 2021. We also have a steer and heifer that will go to “freezer camp” in October 2021.

Who are our heifers? Well, we have Annie, Belle, Cali, Darcy, Ester, Fiona, Ginger, Honey, and Ingrid. Ester and Annie are due to calf in May and June, respectively. And yes, there will be formal birth announcements on Facebook and Instagram. Everybody loves baby animals!

Rebuilding the herd is slow, but once the calves hit the ground in 2022, we will have 16 halves or 32 quarters to offer beginning in late 2023-2024. As always, we continue to pasture our cows so we can offer grass-fed beef.

Our Family

Our children have grown! We continue to homeschool our three children. Our oldest is going to enter his Sophmore year of High School and the twins will be in seventh grade. Yes, three teenagers in the house!

The children are blessings and they work very hard for the farm. In fact, the twins have tamed the heifers by hand feeding them alfalfa pellets over the winter. Now when the heifers see a bucket, they run to the barn which is so much better than running away from us! This will make intensive grazing less of a rodeo and more of a gentle migration across the field.

Ester, Annie, and Belle waiting for their snack.

Our twins are contemplating starting their own little business of hatching day old chicks. I love that they have such an entrepreneurial spirit.

We also have a new addition to the family. No, it’s not what you think! In the fall of 2019, a dear family friend, gifted us with a remarkable Border Collie mix puppy. His name is Killian. His has stealthy herding skills and makes moving the cows, and chickens, and cats, and so on, so much easier for us. I’m still training him and it has become a little hobby of mine.

Thanks so much for staying with us as we restructure and grow!

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