We are in high gear this month. The to-do list is growing exponentially with fencing, woodland care, and repairs. Not to mention the new learning curve, I’ve assigned myself, of silvopasturing, soil health, mineral supplements, plant growth…and on and on.

The Herd

For the first time in 12 years, we are without cows. It’s a weird feeling to look at the pasture trying to find them but remembering we are all alone. But, I know our old Angus herd is in the best of hands and I can see their pictures on Instagram. In the meantime, I am super excited (like happy dance excited) about the Irish Dexters coming this summer. More about them in later Field Notes.

Pasture Improvements

We harvested hay in May with lower than expected yields. Now that the fields are resting it’s time for improvements. That includes soil testing, weed management, fence improvements, and making the woods more cow friendly. Needless to say, the Zerkles will not be attending any social functions on weekends.

Always Learning

I’m excited to share our experiences with you as we try new grazing methods. Just when you think you know everything, you learn something new. I will be posting regularly on Instagram and Facebook about plant growth information, new pasture management techniques, herd health, and soil health. Make sure to follow along.

Thanks for sticking with us during our transition!

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