What’s new on the farm? We are restructuring the way we do things to make our farm even more efficient. This means some small changes.

Thinking Small

Our Angus herd left our farm and headed to a friends’ farm for their new life. We are so happy they will remain together and not divided at the stockyard for who-knows-where. There is peace of mind know that the Angus herd will have a happy home.

We are excited to introduce a heritage breed to Sunnyrock Farm this summer. Dexter cattle, originated in Ireland, is a small hardy breed that thrives on grass – ideal for grass fed beef. Plus, they are shorter than Angus, which makes them perfect size to handle for us future empty-nesters. When you are short on staff, 300 pounds lighter and 10 inches shorter makes a less intimidating cow.

As for beef availability, we will not have halves or quarters to offer until 2027. But we hope you will keep us in mind for your future beef needs.

While the fields are empty, it’s time to focus on regenerating the farm. This means new fencing, stocking the barn with hay, soil tests, seeding, and integrating silvopasturing. But more about that in later editions of the Field Notes…and I will do better to actually send out updates this year.

Pausing Flowers

This summer, I will not offer flower bouquets. I am taking the year off to spend more time with my teenagers. Our oldest son is graduating from high school and the twins are finishing their 9th grade year. The grow up so quickly, right? I look forward to spending more one-on-one time and experiencing fun off-the-farm adventures with them before the school year begins.


Thank you again for your support through these last 17 years. We hope you will stick around with us through this transition. I promise it will be worth the wait.

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