What a month! May is THE month of jumpstarting everything. April is the “get-ready”, while May is “go-go-go”. So let’s jump in and get you all updated.

So what’s been happening?

First of all, I realized I had no more excuses to not start a cut-flower farm. It has always been a someday-maybe-dream of mine and I’m finally taking the plunge to get started. What does this entail? Lots and lots of reading. Lots and lots of planning. Lots and lots of dirt under my nails (aka, garden therapy). Oh! And not to forget….lots and lots of mistakes.

Thank goodness I have a secret weapon – my dear daughter to help me with all the details. Samantha has a great eye for color and loves gardening as much as me. In addition, we have muscle from Jason and the boys to build beds, fencing, and heavy lifting. Unfortunately, Nicholas broke his arm while roller skating and has to watch from the sidelines until late June.

What’s going on with the farm?

The brood cows are due in June and already they have a pregnancy waddle (I feel you, girls). Needless to say, their appetites are as big as their bellies and who could blame them? Growing a 70 pound calf takes a lot of energy.

Angie, our only red heifer, will have her first calf in July. We are always a little nervous with first-time heifers because we don’t know if they will need birthing assistance and how well they will bond and nurse. Either way, we have calf pullers, bottles, colostrum and milk replacer ready at a moment’s notice should the need arrive. Fingers crossed for zero assistance, live calves, and good nursing.

Last year’s calves are growing and looking very nice. We will begin taking orders for them in Spring 2024 for October processing. As a Field Notes subscriber, you will be the first to know about our sale before it is announced on social media.

Need eggs?

Our hens are still providing us with a surplus of eggs even though we downsized to ten layers. Eggs are available in our roadside cooler on Fridays, from 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm, and Saturdays, 9:00 am – noon, weather permitting. Hour changes will be posted on Facebook.

Again, thank you for following along! We like chatting with you and answering questions…we are grateful you are here!

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